Made you look, now let us help you hear!

It’s been a while since our last post showcasing some of our window displays, Spring 2021 to be precise. We’ve had a lot of changes this year here at LAC. From creating an additional clinic room to taking on new members of staff and updating our reception area. It’s been a busy year and we’ve been determined to up our window display game. Coming up with ear-related window displays has been a challenge so we’re open to any suggestions!

We always aim to evoke a sensory experience with our windows. We want passers by to be able to hear the scenes that we create. Take a look below at some of our displays over the last couple of years!   

Previous Window Displays

Summer 2021

Our Summer 2021 window display was themed around adventure. With hearing aids being carried away by hot air balloons, we wanted to encourage clients to start their adventure to better hearing!  


Autumn 2021 Window Displays

Autumn is our favourite season here at LAC, it’s when the trees out in Park Square start to change colour. Reflecting on the changes in Park Square we wanted our clients to ‘Fall into a world of better hearing’. Our window display 2021 featured pumpkins, autumn leaves, flat caps and wellies to set the scene. Our ghost has made an appearance for the last few years around Halloween and in November we pay our respects to Remembrance Day. 





Winter 2021-2022 Window Displays

Winter 2021 was all about giving the gift of better hearing with lots of presents and a Christmas tree decorated with hearing aids. 


Made you look, now let us help you hear. To kick off the New Year and make our windows stand out, we wanted an eye catching display.  


Spring 2022 Window Displays

Spring into action & book a hearing test with us! Our Spring 2022 window featured hearing aids hatching from eggshells and watered Spring flowers. 


Summer 2022

June brought the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and along with it Union Jack flags and festive corgi’s to LAC’s windows. 


Start you summer with better hearing. Our Summer 2022 display was all about the seaside. Sandcastles, seagulls and deckchairs; the best way to spend a sunny summer day. 


Autumn 2022 

Fall into a world of better hearing this Autumn! Wellies and crunchy Autumn leaves were the main feature of this window display. 


Winter 2022/2023 

Do you hear what I hear? Jingle bells and a Christmas tree adorned with hearing aids were our festive contribution for the last couple of months on 2022!



Start 2023 with better hearing! With the dark nights and lack of festive sparkle, we wanted something to catch the eye of passers-by. Our golden New Year display was all about music!



Spring 2023

Spring into better hearing! Growth and new life were this season’s themes. Springing into action and a new life of better hearing.  

Summer 2023

Reach for the sky to a world of better hearing! Our most recent display depicts a summery picnic scene with hearing aids floating away in hot air balloons. 


Which has been your favourite of our window displays so far?

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