Widex UNIQUE Hearing Aids


The Widex UNIQUE range of hearing aids have been around a little while but still represents an excellent choice of device. As with most ranges of aid (and most manufacturers), there are a variety of technologies, styles and prices.


Widex Unique 440 family

Widex UNIQUE 440 

The 440 is the top-of-the range in the UNIQUE family with prices around the £1500 region per aid. Features of this range include:

Sound Processing: Using the U-platform chip, which processes sounds across 15 channels, the 440 boasts features such as High Frequency Boost and Sound Class Technology. Sound Class Technology classifies what kind of sound environment you are currently in from of a choice of nine possible environments. It then adjusts the sound accordingly to maximise your ability to hear speech sounds clearly.

Wind noise attenuation: Suppresses background wind noise interference helping improve speech intelligibility outdoors.

Background noise reduction: The Widex noise reduction feature has extra attenuation for softer, deeper background noise such as fridges or air conditioning units.

Wide dynamic range: This feature helps pick up very quiet sounds, often not detected in the technology of other manufacturer’s devices. This helps with hearing softer speech sounds and gives a more natural hearing experience.

Connectivity: The UNIQUE range has excellent connection to the Widex range of accessories including the remote control RC-DEX and the COM-DEX.

Tinnitus management: Widex introduced a feature called ZEN tones to their aids many years ago. This scientifically proven method of distracting the brain from recognising tinnitus works by playing random low-level chimes through the hearing aid.



The 330 is the upper mid-range version priced at around £1200 per aid. Features include:

Sound Processing: The Unique 330 is a 10 channel aid, again utilising the U-platform chip.

Background noise reduction

Wide dynamic range and Connectivity

Tinnitus management



The mid-range device starting at £1000 per aid and featuring:

Sound Processing: The 220 has 6 channels and 3 sound environments.

Background noise reduction

Wide dynamic range and Connectivity

Tinnitus management



The Widex UNIQUE 110 is the entry level from Widex and prices start at around £800 per aid. Features are more basic than those above but include:

Sound Processing: Possessing 4 channels and fine for less noisy environments.

Background noise reduction: A more basic version than the other models but still capable of reducing some background noise.

Wide dynamic range and Connectvity


Model Types

The full range of models is available in the Widex UNIQUE hearing aid range from the smallest completely-in-canal (CIC) to the larger power behind-the-ear (BTE). 

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