The Danish manufacturer, Widex, have been at the forefront of hearing aid technology for over 60 years. Their latest platform, The Widex Moment, has received praise from wearers and audiologists worldwide, since its launch.

Beautifully designed hearing devices

The Widex Moment is available in a variety of styles. The range includes one of the smallest RIC products on the market today, custom devices and traditional behind-the-ear models



The new chip-set in the Widex Moment tries to eliminate the ‘digital echo’ that most hearing aids produce. This is where there is a slight delay in the processed sound which reaches the eardrum from the hearing aid compared to the sound which reaches the eardrum directly. The ‘out of sync’ sound creates an artificial sound, referred to as a digital echo.

With the Widex Moment, the computer chip processes sounds so quickly that this echo is almost completely removed, making sounds more natural.

Widex call this PureSound




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