Widex EVOKE. ‘Machine Learning’ Hearing Aids

The recently released platform from one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers is now available at the Leeds Audiology Clinic– the Widex EVOKE.

With a brand new dual-core processor that calculates a staggering amount of calculations every second, Widex have raised the bar with real-time ‘machine learning’ technology. This technology not only takes into account the individual’s personal preferences but also the preferences of users from around the globe with a unique cloud based learning system. And all this happens via the new smartphone EVOKE App. 

The new technology means users indicate what sounds they prefer by selecting settings on the EVOKE App by choosing between various sound suggestions. The powerful processor then uses this data to deliver even better real-life sound, based on the wearer’s personal preferences and all in real time. Even more ground-breaking, the combination of individual wearer input and ‘machine learning’ enables the Widex EVOKE  hearing aids to be able to combine all user preferences, using anonymous data, to help in predicting the preferred sound settings and further improve the real-life sound experiences. 

Widex President and CEO Jorgen Jensen stated “Widex EVOKE will forever change what people expect from hearing aids. I firmly believe that Widex EVOKE marks the beginning of a new era in hearing aid technology. It is the first hearing aid that is truly intelligent and grows smarter as you use it. EVOKE not only learns on the level of the individual device but also across the devices in the EVOKE eco-system. The perspectives and the potential are breath-taking: Just imagine an EVOKE user in Paris benefiting from the input of an EVOKE user in Sydney. You can say that Widex EVOKE is the world’s first hearing aid that is intelligent today — and even smarter tomorrow”.

The new platform still retains excellent features familiar to Widex users including the unique ZEN feature for tinnitus management, Speech Enhancer and the SmartWind Manager. But with the flag-ship EVOKE 440, additional new features are added. There is a new sound class for both classical and contemporary music, so the device will adapt to different types of music. There is also a new ‘Impact Program’ for challenging situations and a ‘Comfort Program’ for a more relaxed listening experience in quiet environments.

The Widex EVOKE is available now receiver-in-canal (RIC) versions with custom in-the-ear and power behind-the-ear versions due to be released in June 2018.

Try this new advanced Widex technology at the Leeds Audiology Clinic.

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