Widex Hearing Aids


World leading Danish hearing aid manufacturers, Widex, have long been known for their premium hearing aids and accessories. 2018 saw Widex release their newest processing chip in the EVOKE.

However, still available from the prestigious Widex stable are the predecessors to the EVOKE: the BEYOND and UNIQUE range of hearing aids. 

Widex hearing aids are available in all styles. From standard, powerful behind-the-ear devices to the tiniest invisible-in-the-ear models, Widex hearing aids are available in multiple platforms with various technology levels. 

Some models have the option of rechargeable batteries. This eliminates the need to change batteries every week or two as the aids are placed on a charger over-night and are ready to go the next day. Other models can work with a free Widex app that works as a remote control. This offers the freedom to change volume and settings on the hearing aids with the discreet press of a button or two on your mobile phone.

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