LAC 5 Star Review

Extremely professional service. Only willing to clean one ear as was too hard in the other, this is a bonus as I was not charged extra but I was given very good advice. I highly recommend this service

Mark T.

I came here for a micro-suction ear wax removal.
Completely painless and professional. Flawless! If you are undecided about where to go for whatever issue related to your hearing, do not hesitate to choose this clinic. Highly recommended

Sara C.

Called for hearing test and new hearing aids recently. Excellent service from Mr Jackson and receptionist very welcoming and polite. Couldn’t fault and now hearing better than ever. Thank you so much. Will highly recommend to anyone who needs this service

David E.

What and excellent service. The traditional route for serious hard ear wax would be along the lines of – two weeks to see my GP, a further two to three weeks wait for the nurse to syringe my ear – probably a failed ear syringe leading to a few months to wait to see a consultant and then no doubt a further wait for micro-suction. Andrew saw me within a 48 hours, used the gold standard micro-suction to fix the problem, did the other ear just to be on the safe side, and then sent a very happy patient on his way. 10/10

Alan H.

Excellent service and polite, understanding and expert staff. Receptionist was very helpful and the Audiologist knew his stuff really well and has some really flash gear. I had my ears cleaned out without the usual 2 weeks of bunging olive oil in them (thereby making myself even more deaf) and the micro suction method is far less uncomforatble than the syringing – far less brutal. I was in a hurry as I require good hearing for my job in pro audio and was seen and treated pronto. Reasonable prices and top notch service. Highly recommended

Andy T.

Excellent service, the staff are really friendly and make you feel really comfortable. The service provided is very professional and totally worth it. Would highly recommend

Kinzah Y.

Great service at all stages. Everything is fully explained to you and I am delighted with my new Widex hearing aid. Great idea to give a free two week trial so you can see how it works for you. It’s fantastic to be able to hold a conversation without constantly ask people to repeat themselves

Paul K.

Very professional but also very friendly.Andrew makes you feel as though you are being listened to and heard.Felt he understood where I was coming from and made the experience a very good one. Thanks Andrew

Pamela F.

Very professional organisation. I was given clear information and the results of my hearing test were explained to me fully. Very happy and would recommend to anyone

Julie T.

Excellent service, very friendly and professional in lovely surroundings and would 100% use again. Thank you

Sally J.

I can’t thank the team here enough. I requested an urgent appointment and was accommodated on the same day as my phone call. The micro suction cleared my right ear very quickly, the left being more troublesome we had to leave on the grounds that it was a little sore. I rang a couple of days later & booked a follow up, all done & dusted. My heads now clear & I feel a lot more comfortable. 
The team are very professional and provide an informative procedure in a very pleasant environment. Highly recommend LAC for anyone with ear issues.
Thanks again

Trevor D.

I visited the Leeds Audiology Clinic recently for my ears to be micro suctioned and to have a hearing test. As a former nurse I am always keen on good clinical practice and I could not fault Mr Jackson. The whole process was very professional and I am now having a pair of rechargeable hearing aids for help with my hearing problems. Highly recommended Clinic and couldn’t be happier!

Jan S.

Excellent hearing centre in the middle of Leeds. Efficient and polite staff

Ginny R.

Impressed. He walked an extra mile to help me. Found him enthusiastic, and passionate in what he is doing. Would recommend to others

Mohamed S.

I booked a consultation for my father and he was thoroughly impressed with the service. The staff are lovely, professional and have a genuine enthusiasm for helping people

Chris E.

Very good clinic. Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended

David S.

Extremely professional and friendly service – I wish I had micro suction at Leeds audiology clinic months ago! I have had a blocked ear for about five months, and it became extremely frustrating, with my hearing being really impaired. I phoned up Leeds Audiology Clinic at about 7pm last night (expecting them to be closed), and I was able to book an appointment for 9am the next morning! The procedure was painless and fast- with instant relief! I could not recommend more! Extremely reasonable price as well. Thank you for giving me my hearing back!

Rachel M.

Very helpful and friendly. Needed to book an urgent appointment and my email was answered on a bank holiday. Treatment was quick and painless (micro suction) and my hearing is back to normal. Very happy to recommend and will use again if needed

Carl M.

The treatment here could not be better.
Andrew Jackson is understanding, friendly and thoroughly competent

Reg W.

Andrew is fantastic – incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. It’ll be the first place I head if I ever have any hearing problems again!

David A.
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