ReSound LiNX Quattro


The ReSound LiNX Quattro is the latest hearing device to add to the Danish company’s portfolio of great products.

It boasts a new processor which is quoted as supplying 100% more speed than its predecessor, which leads to some great new features. The extra power means it can deliver an extended bandwidth, now up to 9.5kHz and a higher dynamic range. This all leads to a fuller and more balanced sounds across all frequencies and more audibility, especially with speech.


ReSound state that the improved power also makes better use of the hearing device’s advanced microphones and a new Spatial Sense feature makes everything sound much more natural than ever before.


Features of the ReSound LiNX Quattro include:

  • Binaural Environmental Optimiser III, which accurately adapts the hearing aids to the listening situation
  • Noise Tracker II for reduced unwanted background noise
  • Sound Shaper to compress difficult to hear high frequency sounds into a sound that can easily be heard
  • Binaural Directionality III which has both hearing aids working together so that sounds from both sides are heard but the focus is on conversations
  • Spatial Sense so you can not only hear sounds, but detect which direction they are coming from
  • ReSound Assist enables remote adjustments of the hearing aids by the audiologist. So, if a tweak in the power is needed there is no need to attend the clinic for a follow-up appointment


In addition to these to these great features, the ReSound LiNX Quattro can be connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone for streaming of calls or any audio source from the phone. This is done via a free app which also acts as a remote control for the hearing aids.


Finally, there is the option of a rechargeable version of the Quattro. This innovative model gives 8 hours of from a mere 30-minute quick charge, or at least 24 hours with a 3 hour charge. Quite amazing!


More information can be found here