Railcard Discounts for Deaf Travellers

Did you know about railcard discounts for deaf travellers? If you are registered deaf or wear hearing aids in England, Scotland or Wales, you can get discounted rail travel! A Disabled Person’s railcard costs £20 for one year and £54 for three years. Using the railcard will give you 1/3 off most adult rail fares at any time of day. AND, if you’re travelling with another adult, they’ll get the discount too! 

How do I get a railcard?

You can visit 👉 here to get either a digital or physical railcard. 

You’ll have to send proof of your hearing loss when applying for your railcard. If you wear hearing aids from a private hearing aid dispenser, all you’ll need is a copy of your prescription from your audiologist. To contact us about a copy of your hearing aid prescription, please visit our contact page here. If you currently wear NHS hearing aids, you’ll need to send a copy of the front page of your NHS battery book. 

You can visit here for more information about the Disabled Person’s railcard!

Can I get a bus pass?

If you have a hearing loss, you may also be entitled to a bus pass. To find out of you’re eligible, you’ll need to contact your local authority. 

In West Yorkshire, you’re eligible for a bus pass if your hearing loss has reached more than 70dBHL in both ears.

To get your pass in West Yorkshire, you’ll need to provide either: 

  • Proof of registration with your Local Council
  • A letter/audiological report from your consultant/audiologist proving your hearing loss is more than 70dBHL in both ears
  • Ask a medical professional to fill out a form found here

For more information about bus pass eligibility in West Yorkshire you can check out the website here.

For more information about this post and generally all things hearing loss, you can visit the Royal National Institute for Deaf People here.