Meet The Team 

It’s been a little while since we showed our faces here at LAC so we thought we’d reintroduce ourselves with a meet the team post!


First up we have our lovely head of reception, Bev. Bev has been with us at LAC from the get go working behind the scenes since we opened in 2018. We’re so pleased to now have her managing reception throughout the week. She’ll be one of the first faces you see when you arrive for your appointment at LAC. If you have any queries when you arrive for your appointment or need any help, Bev will be happy to help! Meet the team LAC


Many of you will recognise Andrew, our founder and senior audiologist here at LAC! Andrew has been deaf in one ear since childhood and has been an audiologist for two decades. Andrew’s vision for LAC is to bring premium hearing care to Leeds. He specialises in hearing tests, hearing aids and medico legal reporting. 

Meet the team LAC


If you’ve been to LAC you’re likely to have met our clinic manager Emily. She’s been here since day one and runs the clinic day to day. From liaising with customers, running our social media, covering reception and organising events, she keeps things running smoothly!

Meet the team LAC


Aiden joined our little team six months ago but has worked in audiology for six years. He is a fantastic ear wax removal specialist but you may also see Aiden for a hearing test, hearing aid consultation or impressions appointment. He’s a great asset to our team and, having personal experience with how hearing loss affects a loved one, takes great care of our clients.

Meet the team LAC

Our Ethos

Our main goal at the Leeds Audiology Clinic is to help those suffering from hearing loss in a sensitive manner and upmarket environment. We understand the serious impacts of hearing loss and take time to reassure and help clients in every way we can. 

From the moment you step through the door we aim to offer you a different experience to High Street retailers. We are here to listen and help you through your journey to better hearing.

To book an appointment with one of our audiologists or for any queries, you can contact us here.

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