We offer several services to GP’s, ENT Consultants and other medical professionals.

In addition to audiological testing and hearing aid fitting, we perform wax removal using microsuction and otomicroscopy. This is the preferred method of wax removal by ENT Consultants and Aural Care Nurses and is considered safer than traditional irrigation. Microsuction can often be performed without the need of using olive oil drops for several weeks and is generally completed in one visit. We also perform traditional pulse irrigation if required. Please contact us if you have a patient who requires this service.

We can also supply reports for ENT Consultants or other medical professionals following diagnostic testing

Audiometric tests available at the LAC include:

Standard Pure Tone Audiometry (AC/BC/masking/ULL’s)

Tympanometry / Middle Ear Dysfunction Testing

Stapedial Reflex Testing

Speech-In-Noise Testing using LiSN-S PGA and QuickSIN

TEN Cochlear Testing



Ear Wax Removal Leeds

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