Now we have your attention, lets talk about window displays

Those who have been to our clinic will know how much we love a good window display here at Leeds Audiology Clinic. We’re lucky enough to have two lovely Georgian sash windows and, although the view out to Park Square is lovely; it seems a shame to have them standing empty. So, we decided to work on our curb appeal and create some fun window displays for passers-by (but mainly us) to enjoy!

Current Display

In case you haven’t been by in a while or you’ve missed our updates on our socials, we thought we’d show off our current display. Spring is all about new beginnings so what better time to start a journey to better hearing. Some of our mottos included ‘Spring clean your ears’, ‘Spring into action and book a hearing test’, ‘Spring forward into better hearing’. You get the gist. 

Past Displays

From Pancake Day to Halloween, check out some of our favourite past window displays below.


 Future Displays 

We have lots of other exciting ideas in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for our next display!