Light Night 13th-14th October 2022

What is Leeds Light Night? Leeds Light Night’s first event was in 2005 and is now one of the UK’s largest annual arts and light festivals. Each year in October, the city is transformed at dusk by light projections, interactive light shows and performances across the city. Now in it’s 18th year, the event attracts more than 100,000 people to the city centre over its two night display. In this blog we’re looking back on the Light Nights we’ve seen so far at LAC!

This year’s Light Night

Playful City 2022

This year’s theme was Playful City, with some of Leeds most popular landmarks hosting interactive installations. There was lots to see and do this year with a lot of indoor activities available. Our highlights include a performance by Spark drummers in Trinity Leeds, the ‘Joyride’ projection on the Queen’s hotel and ‘Drop of Light’ installation at the Carriageworks Theatre. We can’t wait to see what next year brings!


Previous Light Night’s 

Back to Nature 2021

Last year we were lucky enough to have an installation right on our doorstep! Although there were lots of other installations across the city, this was our highlight. With the theme being ‘Back to Nature’, Park Square was transformed with a selection of illuminated plant and animal lanterns made by the The Lantern Company. The ‘Nature at Night’ installation was ‘a celebration and reflection of the beauty and diversity of the natural world we have here in the UK’. The Queen’s hotel projection ‘Arc’ was a spectacular display highlighting the acceleration of technology and the power and forces of nature. 









Laser Light City 2020

With the pandemic in full swing in 2020 and large crowds discouraged, Light Night held a socially distanced display. ‘Laser Light City’ was an interactive light show held over three nights and designed by BAFTA winning artist Seb Lee-Delisle. Using an interactive website, people could control the colours, shapes and positions of the lasers on their phone or computer. The lasers could be seen across the city.

The skies above Leeds will be illuminated by a spectacular interactive laser display this October.

Mind, Body and Spirit 2019

2019’s theme celebrated ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ and kicked off with a magical parade about our dreams and imagination. The Queens hotel once again displayed an amazing projection and the ‘Angels of Freedom’ wings lit up the Headrow. Our highlight this year was ‘With Love’ a glowing, dancing heart outside Leeds town hall. This interactive display recorded people’s beats per minute and turned it into a song.


Progress and Innovation 2018

The first Light Night that we went to was in 2018, our first year of opening! We didn’t know much about Light Night before setting up LAC but were amazed during our first visit. The installations were unlike anything we’d seen before and the parade along the Headrow was fantastic. As the theme this year was ‘Progress and Innovation’, it all kicked off with the parade celebrating 100 years of social change since women got the vote. Our highlight was the two giant suffragette’s walking the parade. 



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