Latest research has shown that the leading cause of hearing loss in the West is not age, as was previously thought, but noise! And although the current raft of health & safety laws and compliance regulations helps in the workplace, exposure to noise away from these areas carries no safeguards.

Whether its a hairdryer, a lawn mower, power tools or a vacuum cleaner, everyday domestic appliances can generate a surprisingly high volume of potentially damaging noise, often exceeding the danger level of 85dB. Pubs and bars have always been bustling environments but did you know that in restaurants the commonest complaint (after poor service) is not the food but the overall din of the venue? So being a social person could lead to a significant amount of noise exposure. Add to that an hour or so of loud music a day with some traffic noise thrown in and maybe a session at the gym and it’s a recipe for a noise-induced hearing loss.

The effects of noise exposure are cumulative too, so if this exposure is sustained over a long period of time there will be permanent damage to the ear. We would recommend hearing tests at least every 2 years and just being mindful of loud, uncomfortable sounds.

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