Musician’s Services at the Leeds Audiology Clinic

Music is a prominent part of most people’s lives and many of us use headphones or earbuds everyday while listening. We supply custom in ear monitors, ear bud sleeves and bone conduction headphones for a more bespoke way of listening

Florida based JH Audio are one of the most respected custom in ear monitor manufacturers in the music business. With a string of international music stars using their products, they supply a wide range of excellent quality, multiple driver units to suit any musician or audiophile’s needs. Leeds Audiology Clinic is the only retailer of JH Audio custom monitors in the North of England and we are extremely proud to be working with them and supplying their products

Monitors are available from the entry level, 3-driver 3X-Pro to the awesome 12-driver Layla. Customised faceplates and shells are also available if required

Cosmic Ears

UK based in-ear-monitor manufacturer, Cosmic Ears, has accrued a large following of clients from both musicians and audiophiles. With a range of products from single driver units up to the 6-driver CE6P, their portfolio of CIEM’s covers a wide range of quality custom made monitors at realistic prices

From Stormzy to The Human League, Cosmic Ears have supplied custom-in-ear-monitors to many well known musicians


We also supply in ear monitors and music products from many other World class manufacturers including ACS and Starkey

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