I’m a Celebrity Get That Bug Out Me Eeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrr… 

It’s that time of year again and whether you love it or hate it, it’s easy to get drawn in. Who’d have thought watching a group of celebrities complete horrifying tasks in a jungle would be so entertaining?  

Throughout their time down under the celebs are regularly covered in thousands of bugs and critters. As if that isn’t traumatic enough, these insects usually end up in ALL the wrong places. One of those places is the ear. Thankfully, when this does happen to our beloved celebs, a medic appears on the scene and flushes the insect out. Although a bug in your ear isn’t likely to cause serious harm, the thought is enough to give us nightmares! So what happens if you get a bug in your ear and don’t have a medic on hand?

So you think you’ve got a bug in your ear? 

Here are some tips on what to do next.  

DO NOT panic. The first thing to remember is to keep calm. Although it can be uncomfortable an insect stuck in your ear is not likely to cause you serious harm.

DO flood the ear with olive oil before gently flushing it out with warm water. This will ensure that the insect is dead (sorry insect) and make it easier to remove.

DO NOT try and pull the insect out with tweezers if it is alive. This can result in pushing it further towards your eardrum. Also, if it’s an insect that stings, scratches or bites it could damage your ear as you try to remove it.

DO contact your audiologist or GP if you struggle to remove the insect. If you are unsure at all then please book to see a professional to reduce risk of further problems down the line.

In reality it is unlikely that you’ll get an insect stuck in your ear but the thought is a terrifying one. If this is one of your greatest fears why not try dousing yourself in insect repellent and investing in some ear plugs in the summer months? In all seriousness, if you ever have any worries regarding your ears it is always best to seek medical advice.


Fear of Insect