In-Depth Hearing Tests

The city’s premium independent hear-care practice, the Leeds Audiology Clinic offers a range of hearing aid and hearing care services to our clients.  We perform clinical hearing assessments for members of the public as well as for corporate and medico-legal bodies

Providing The Very Best Hearing Aids, From The Biggest Hearing Device Brands

Leeds Audiology supply and fit a wide range of competitively priced hearing aids and devices. We also supply world class custom in-ear monitors (CIEM’s) for musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles and filtered hearing protection for motorcyclists, shooters and industry

Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal

We also offer micro-suction wax removal using video-otoscopy, ENT microscope and clinical micro-suction. Our audiologists have been specifically trained in this procedure and will often perform a quick hearing screening test afterwards to check your hearing levels. You will be able to view your ear canal both before and after the process. We will shortly be adding an irrigation service for those clients who are not suited to micro-suction


Based in attractive Park Square close to the Leeds Town Hall and Law Courts, we offer appointment-only consultations in our fully equipped private clinic

Hearing Aids Leeds

Hearing Aids

We provide the very latest hearing aids from the biggest hearing aid manufacturers. As an Independent business, we have access to the full range of hearing devices so you can be sure that we can provide digital hearing aids that will suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle

Ear Wax Removal Leeds

Ear Wax Removal

We provide ear wax removal using the highest quality equipment and the very latest methods. If you are looking for safe and comfortable ear cleaning, call us for an appointment now on 0113 8800 190 or book online

Hearing Care

Hearing Care

We are committed to offering the highest level of best practice hearing care in Leeds. Our audiologists use the very latest equipment and follow processes to deliver clinical levels of hearing tests

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