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There is nothing quite like the freedom and fun of riding a motorbike. However, as any bikers out there will already know, the amount of noise whilst riding can be significant and unpleasant with a long ride.


A study by the University of Southampton found that speeds above 40mph often generated wind noise louder than the bike’s engine. Obviously, factors like a screen, fairing and the quality of the helmet can all play a part in this but the study showed that noise typically rose from around 85dB at 40mph to 106dB at 70mph. At 106dB, the maximum recommended exposure time is only 3 minutes and 45 seconds, before risking damage to hearing and potential tinnitus.

At 125mph the noise level reached 115dB which has a recommended exposure time of around 30 seconds!

noise plugs LAC

We spend thousands of pounds on protective clothing and helmets but what about hearing protection? Ear plugs are certainly recommended whilst riding and there are a few types to choose from. In their simplest form are the foam plugs such as 3M or Laser-lite. These can be cheap but are only supposed to be used once as ear infections can result from dirty plugs being inserted into ear canals.

LAC Laser Lite Plugs

The next level up from foam plugs are flexible thermoplastic generic plugs with acoustic filters to block out harmful frequencies. The Leeds Audiology Clinic stock 2 different brands of these: Auritech Biker and Alpine Motosafe Tour ear plugs.

LAC Alpine Motosafe

Finally, are the custom-made silicone ear plugs. These typically offer a noise reduction rating of 22-30dB. We take an impression or cast of the ear canal which is sent to the manufacturer. These impressions are then laser scanned and a custom fitted plug is made as an exact replica of the ear canal shape. We use a couple of different manufacturers such as Starkey and ACS for our custom plugs and there are various options such as different colours, retaining cords etc.


These plugs are long lasting, washable, hard wearing and can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort.




At the Leeds Audiology Clinic we use a variety of manufacturers for our over-the-counter and custom moulded plugs. Please call for more information.

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