Give the gift of better hearing this winter..

Want to give the gift of better hearing to yourself or a loved one this Winter? You’re in the right place. 

Don’t miss out this season on the conversations and the memories, book in for a hearing test today and start your journey to better hearing. 

Sounds we’re listening out for this Winter

Conversations with loved ones 

Whether it’s a big family gathering, a quiet catch up with friends or watching the telly over the festive season, this time of year brings challenges for people with hearing loss. It can be difficult following conversations particularly in crowded areas with background noise. If you’ve noticed that you or a loved one has been struggling to keep up with the conversation, we recommend booking a hearing check. 


Winter brings lots of opportunities for listening to music. From concerts, theatre shows, choirs and more, music plays a big part in the festive season in lots of ways.  

Wind through the trees 

Winter can be fairly bleak in the UK with plenty of storms, rain, wind and even snow. But when it’s not pouring it down, we love listening to the winter wind blowing through the branches out in Park Square.


Although Robins can be seen and heard throughout the year, they are easier to spot during the Winter months and continue to sing to defend their winter territory. Fieldfares, Starlings and Sparrows are among some of the many birds that can be heard throughout Autumn and Winter. You can find more about Winter British garden birds here.


Crackling Fire

The sound of a crackling fire is one of our favourite sounds at this time of year. There’s nothing better than settling down in front of a warm fire after a winter walk.  

Unwrapping presents

Winter brings plenty of opportunities to exchange gifts and so many sounds associated with it. The rustle and tearing of wrapping paper, the scratch of scissors and tape, laughter and conversation. If you feel a loved one is struggling to hear, give the gift of better hearing this year. 

If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing or are missing out on some of these Winter sounds, please get in touch to book a hearing assessment.  

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