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FREE Hearing Aid Trials This Winter


Throughout the season, we are offering FREE trials of some of the latest hearing aid technology currently available

Following a FREE hearing assessment, we will discuss various styles and types of hearing aids which would help with problem areas, for example group conversations, listening to the family or television. You will then be invited for a fitting of the hearing devices and instructions on how to use them. It is then simply a case of trialing the hearing aids for a week or two in your own home and your own environments. We all have different lifestyles so it really is important that you experience as many different environments as possible during the trial. Home, work, shopping, speaking with family and friends, listening to music… whatever situations you may have difficulty hearing in

Then, after the trial it really is up to you. You can keep the hearing aids and pay for them or you can hand them back to us and not pay a penny

No pressure, no hard sell


We believe this is the only way to really test the benefits of modern hearing aid technology without having to outlay money from the start. And new hearing aids have some amazing features, including:

RECHARGEABLE MODELS– no need to change batteries again. An overnight charge will keep the devices going all day long

MOBILE PHONE APP CONTROL– listen to calls and music through your hearing aids. You can also use the App as a remote control for volume and program adjustments

GREATLY IMPROVED SPEECH CLARITY in noisy and taxing environments


Why not give us a call or drop us an email for more information and to book a FREE, no obligation trial