Fall into a world of better hearing this Autumn..

It’s officially Autumn and what better time to fall into a world of better hearing? 

Although we do love the Summer sun, Autumn is such a cosy season. It brings so many sounds that are just too good to miss!

Sounds we’re listening out for this Autumn

Autumn leaves

Watching the leaves change colour is not only a beautiful sight but also brings many sounds. Wrap up warm, get your boots on and head out for a walk. It won’t be long before you find a pile of crunchy leaves to rustle through. 

Rainy Days 

Even on dreary days (and lets be honest, there’s a lot of them!) the sound of rain is one that we love to listen to. Whether it’s the relaxing white noise effect of a downpour or splashing around in puddles, rain brings so many sounds that are too good to miss. 

Wind through the trees 

Not only does Autumn bring rain but it also brings wind and lots of it. We’ll be listening out for the sound of the wind whipping through the trees on Park Square, rustling the leaves and swaying the branches. 


Although Robins can be seen and heard throughout the year, they are easier to spot during the Autumn and Winter months and continue to sing to defend their winter territory. Fieldfares, Starlings and Sparrows are among some of the many birds that can be heard throughout Autumn and Winter. You can find more about autumn and Winter British garden birds here.

Halloween and Bonfire Night

Halloween and Bonfire Night are full of sounds not to be missed! Unless you don’t like trick or treaters or fireworks, then this one isn’t for you. There’s the sound of a crackling bonfire, crunching toffee apples, scary movies and the distant bangs, crackles and whistles of fireworks to name a few.

If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing or are missing out on some of these Autumnal sounds, please get in touch to book a hearing assessment.  

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