Starkey Receiver Wire

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Replacement Starkey receiver wire (single). For use with Starkey Livio and Muse receiver-in-canal hearing aids.

Receiver wires for these devices are a pull-push fitting and can be removed by firmly grasping the old wire where it attaches to the hearing aid, and carefully pulling. Over time, receiver wires can become blocked with wax which has ingressed beyond the wax filter. This can impair the performance of the hearing aid and even stop output altogether.

Receiver wires come in 2 power levels (50 and 60) and 4 sizes (1, 2, 3 & 4). They are also side specific (left (blue) or right (red)) so it is important to order the correct wire as a replacement. The size and power is marked on the receiver unit itself, near the dome. So, for example, a blue tipped wire with a 50 and 2 marked on it is a power 50, size 2 for the left ear.

Please check before ordering. If you are unsure then please give us a call on 0113 8800190 and speak to our Customer Service team, or drop us and email enquiry.

(Please note: hearing aid not included-- order is for receiver wire only)

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