Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries

If you have been searching for a company that can offer you hearing aid batteries, look no further than our team here at Leeds Audiology Clinic. We can most hearing aids batteries, all with great battery life. Based in Leeds we can bring our services to clients in the area and across the UK. If you have any questions or queries be sure to reach out to team, we can offer the best performance hearing aid batteries. Get in contact with our team today for advice on hearing aids batteries or for an appointment.

Leeds Audiology Clinic should be your first port of call for hearing aid batteries in Leeds. Our online store has all the different aid accessories you need. Choosing the right battery is important for ensuring your hearing aid works at full capacity.

Find The Right Battery For You

One of the things we are known for at Leeds Audiology Clinic is our low prices, we aim to provide long lasting hearing aid batteries for all hearing device options. Depending of the type of hearing aid, we have a selection of hearing aid battery options that will suit you. The different brands are based on the size batteries offered.

Battery size matters when it comes to your hearing aid, talking to a hearing care professional can tell you the right size for your hearing aid, if you aren't sure which aid battery sizes you need. We can use the personal information for each client to ensure the hearing aid battery is the right one for you and your hearing aid. You want a battery type that is compatible with your hearing aid and ear.

What Type Of Hearing Aid Batteries Do We Offer?

Due to hearing aids sitting behind the ear and being relatively small, you want the battery size to reflect that. We specialise in zinc air batteries, these are non-rechargeable batteries and work for all types of hearing. Zinc air batteries offer people with hearing loss the chance to have batteries that work efficiently and are perfect for the people who choose to wear them.

We stock Rayovac.

These batteries are the most common type and offer enough power for a number of different hearing aids. The battery is made small so it discreetly fits behind the ear without drawing any extra attention by being bulky. The manufacturers have developed a quality battery that you won't move away from for life. It is a great battery options, fitting nicely into the battery compartment door without much effort. The benefits of this is when it comes to fitting the battery into your device it is straight forward and easily managed.

Order Your Hearing Aid Batteries Today!

Leeds Audiology Clinic has offered clients across Leeds and the UK the best hearing aid batteries for a number of years. The power our batteries offer changes depending on which you go for and whichever battery works best for your hearing aid.

If you have any questions or queries, be sure to get in touch with our team here at Leeds Audiology Clinic, we offer hearing aid battery options that will work for you for life. If you would like a hearing test to check your hearing aid, make an appointment today. We are more than happy to help you with your hearing aid batteries. We look forward to hearing from you.