Clinic Room Refurb

Our clinic room has had a refurb this year and we’re chuffed to bits with how it’s turned out. Keep reading for some before an after photos of the changes we’ve made since we opened in 2018!



When we first moved into our Park Square premises, our clinic room was a blank canvas. Before we officially opened in April 2018, we separated the room into two areas. Our hearing assessment area was over on the right and our ear wax removal area was on the left. 


Because of the size of the room and its high ceilings, we added acoustic panels. They helped reduce the echo and sound pollution from around the building. On the right in the hearing assessment area we had our soundproof booth for hearing assessments. We also had an area for fitting hearing aids and making any adjustments. Over on the left we had our wax removal area. Our clinic room worked well for the first few years but as we started getting busier we had to think of ways we could gain more space. One large room restricted us from having more staff which was our next step. Because of this, in early 2022 we decided to split the clinic room into three areas to better utilise the space we already had. 


We got back in touch with Rodley Interiors who had put up the glass partition in our reception area in 2018. They built a vestibule to allow separate access to two rooms and a storage area. A smaller room on the left was created as an ear wax removal room with new equipment and furniture. This room is mainly to be used by our nurse/ear wax removal specialist. On the right, we kept our soundproof booth and hearing aid area in the same position. We moved our original wax removal chair into this room so our audiologist is fully equipped to carry out all of our services here. Between the rooms is an acoustic frosted glass partition to allow in as much light as possible while keeping the privacy of our clients.

We’re so pleased that we can now offer more appointments without compromising our standards.

If you’d like to book an appointment for a hearing test, hearing aid consultation, ear wax removal or any of our other services, you can contact the clinic here