Deaf Awareness Week

3rd-9th May 2021

This year’s theme for deaf awareness week is ‘coming through it together’. Hearing loss can be isolating and we want our clients to know that we’re here for them. Throughout May we will be offering free hearing tests. If you’re over the age of fifty or you’ve noticed a change in your hearing, we recommend booking an appointment for a free hearing health check.


Facts & Figures

  • 12 million adults (1 in 5) living with hearing loss in the UK.
  • More than 40% of adults over the age of 50 have hearing loss, rising to 70% in adults over the age of 70.
  • Hearing loss can lead to withdrawal from social situations, emotional distress and depression. People who don’t wear hearing aids are at greater risk of loneliness.
  • Hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia by up to five times, evidence suggests that hearing aids may reduce these risks.

Our Story 

Growing up with hearing loss 

Our founder and senior audiologist knows the impact that hearing loss can have. After contracting mumps at the age of four, Andrew has suffered from hearing loss. At the age of eighteen, Andrew’s hearing loss cut short his hopes to join the Armed Forces. His hearing loss was confirmed by an ENT Consultant but at that time the style and technology of hearing aids were not ideal for an eighteen-year-old. No hearing aid was offered through the NHS and Andrew was left to adapt to his loss.

Becoming an audiologist 

After being made redundant as an engineer, Andrew started to look at private, discreet hearing aids for himself. He decided to retrain as an audiologist to study hearing loss solutions. This enabled him to gain a better understanding of his hearing loss and begin to help others who also struggled with their hearing. He has been a fully qualified audiologist for fifteen years and worked for the NHS for twelve years.

Our aim

At the Leeds Audiology Clinic we want to help those suffering from hearing loss in a sensitive manner and comfortable environment. We understand the serious impacts of hearing loss and take time to reassure and help clients in every way we can. From the moment you step through the door we aim to give you a different experience to High Street retailers. We are here to listen and help you through your journey to better hearing.